Starting out the Day Healthy and Sweet


Many people have a sweet tooth, and those that do know that breakfast might be the strongest time for sugar cravings. The body is just starting out the day and wants a glucose rush. So healthy sweet breakfast ideas are definitely in order.

One of the healthiest sweet breakfast ideas is fruit. Fruit can be added to cereal or oatmeal to add some delicious sweetness. In oatmeal, combinations like banana and peanut butter with just a hint of melted chocolate can give the feeling that one is eating a dessert.

Also, muffins made with agave syrup and bran and that have added fruit are fairly healthy. They are also a quite filling and will serve to give fiber to clean out the colon.

Other great ideas are sourdough/rye toast with some fruit compote. Compote has less sugar than jam. Also, this type of bread is recommended by Dr. Axe for weight loss purposes.